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eyebrows and ebay


A couple of months ago I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realised something was odd. After some inspection I narrowed it down to the fact that half of one of my eyebrows had gone grey. Not all of an eyebrow – just half – and because the rest of my eyebrows are very dark it looked like I was missing half my eyebrow. Fine I thought, given my age and the reasonable lack of grey on my head, I figured I could handle half a grey eyebrow. But the weirdness continues. I was just brushing my teeth when I noticed that not only was the missing half an eyebrow back but both eyebrows were darker and bushier than ever before. I don’t know what is weirder half a grey eyebrow or the fact that over the intervening months all my eyebrow hair must have fallen out and new eyebrow hair regrown in its original colour. I’m starting to realise that getting old is the universe’s way of getting you to notice all the cool stuff your body has been doing for the last 30 odd years (like shedding and replacing eyebrow hair and getting out of bed in the morning with out your knees hurting) by refusing to do it any more. It’s like when I take annual leave from work and while I’m gone everyone realises that I do actually do stuff.

On a quilty note I have taken the plunge and decided to list some of my unwanted quilt tops on eBay. It has been a bit of an experience because I have never listed anything on eBay before. I know I am never going to get the full value of the fabric and effort for them, but I was never going to get round to quilting all of the tops I have and it will free up some space and give me a little extra cash to buy new fabric. Hopefully, someone will offer to buy them. If not I will donate them to the charity place. It actually feels like a bit of a relief that they are on their way out. They are no longer an obligation.