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I had the Climate Smart Service come round this morning. So now I am sitting here with my little power monitor which tells me the time, and the temperature, and how many kilowatts of power I am using, and how much it is costing me. Given that it was on 1c per hour when I wasn’t doing anything (except having the fridge on) and it is now on 4c per hour (running the computer, a light and the fan) this blog is being produced for only 3c per hour. Which isn’t too bad really, when you think about it. Probably best not to think about it though. As soon as I did I went into work budget mode and started thinking about costs of labour and depreciation of assets.

Still plowing my way through concrete relations for others. Am now on the topic of hate. As per usual Sartre has redefined it, to mean wanting to end the others existence. He also says that hate for one person is pretty much hate for everyone. So far I am not convinced. I think hate is a spectrum ranging from mild to extreme. You can hate someone and not want them dead. I also think you can hate things. Mostly I think hate is about the person hating and not about the person being hated. Though this last one may fit with Sartre’s theory.