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Lots of new places


This weekend has been all about visiting new places. I have managed three. Yesterday was the Ipswich Antiques Centre, then a Punjabi restaurant on Limestone St. Today I went to the Denmark Hill Conservation Park.

The Antiques centre is lovely, it’s in a beautiful old (by Brisbane standards) building. They had lots of lovely furniture. If you had lots of money and space you could go to town. With my impending holiday in mind, I restrained myself and only bought 2 matching glass vases from the $5 table.

The restaurant was nice. Nicely flavoured curry, not too hot.

Denmark Hill Conservation Park only has a few short walks, but there is lots else there as well. You can climb to the top of the water tower, and there is a cool display of fossils.

So I am now up to 16 new places visited.

I am doing quite well with most of my other goals. Weighed in today and I have now lost 10 kgs. Still loads more to go, but getting there.

I have been sewing, too. Mostly unpicking and re-sewing. I took the borders back off the quilt I finished last week and put in an extra thin border, between the blocks and the outer border. Of course with the extra mini border the old bits of border no longer fitted, so I had to go buy more fabric.

The novel, is going very slowly. I have lots of ideas for the bits I need to write next but I have just been letting my self get distracted by other things. Tomorrow is a public holiday, so I might have to spend some time catching up.