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Health and free motion machine quilting


I have been pondering my possible goals for the year. I know it’s almost the end of January but I did put a whole month of goal pondering on my schedule, so I am determined not to fret about my tardiness. The added bonus is that a month without pressing deadlines and just pondering is giving me new perspective and time to read things and figure out how they fit. For example, I was reading an article in an online newspaper which turned out to be helpful (I can’t remember which one, I should have made a note of it but it wasn’t until I pondered on it that I realised it was relevant). The article was about health, more specifically not trying to lose weight but focusing instead on being healthy. Which is fair enough you might think, but you can’t be healthy when you are overweight, so you have to lose weight, which leaves you…I’m not entirely sure where. But then I thought about it. Back in the days when I used to be really skinny I didn’t think about my weight. I used to do a lot of exercise, but mostly because I had a long walk to the nearest bus stop and because I actually wanted to do it. I didn’t make myself do exercise because I wanted to keep my weight under control, I did it because I enjoyed being fit, I enjoyed health and strength. It was only after I got my first office job, and travelled overseas, and then came back and did more office jobs that I started worrying about my weight. Ironically after that is when the pounds really started to pile on.

As an aside, I am convinced in years to come we will probably be suing people who got us to work in offices in the same way they sue cigarette companies. Lets face it, they know it’s bad for us. They keep sending round those things about taking regular breaks and desk stretching etc. Yet they still keep employing more people to do more office work.

But…back to my main point…the goals for the year. I have put away my scales and my food trackers and my guilt and I am now going to focus on health. It makes it as hard a goal to track as improving my quilting but I am confident that I can do it, because I’ll know it when I’ve got it. Sad though it is to say it, I haven’t felt healthy for a long while. Not that I’m sick, I just don’t feel healthy. Even when I was losing weight last year I didn’t feel healthy. So my new goal is not going to be about what the outside looks like but how I feel on the inside. How does what I do make me feel?

My job for this week is to come up with a tracker, something that makes sense of the imprecision.

On a happier note, I have started quilting some of the smaller bits and pieces I finished last year. I have been practicing free motion machine quilting. Unfortunately, I am not very good at it. My first effort was a table runner and I stippled all over, which I don’t think suits it very well at all. It’s just too distracting. Because of this, for my next piece I decided I would try doing lines along the edge of the block pieces. I’ll let you judge from the photos how well that went. The problem is I can’t seem to get an even consistent stitch. I have seen other people doing it and their stitching is very slow and steady and my machine doesn’t seem to do slow and steady. As soon as you so much as touch the foot pedal it is flat-out and I can’t move my hand fast enough to make a decent size stitch. I probably just need to practice more.

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