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Curtains and hats


I haDSCN0858ve been trying to make a curtain for my bathroom window, and not having much luck. I suppose it does the job, but I just can’t get it to hang right. I suspect the material may be a bit too heavy for the hanging string and I may have to install a proper curtain rod, which is not as easy as it sounds because it’s not a standard sized window so I am going to have to build my own.

My hat knitting skills are thankfully much better and I managed to finish this one over the weekend. Now I just need to find a recipient who isn’t going to freak out over the hand wash only thing.DSCN0857




I had doing a blog post on my to do list today, so I am making myself do one; even though I would be much rather sitting on the couch with the air-conditioner on, reading my library books. I figure I need to remake the habit of regular posting. Which means I am actually going to have to go do some stuff worth posting about. I’m not sure how likely that is, I sewed myself out pretty much at the end of last year, making lots of last-minute Christmas bags. Now all my sewing stuff is packed away in the sewing room, except for the TV hexagons, some knitting and a cross stitch kit. I found the cross stitch when tidying all the other stuff away and thought I really must finish that, so It has been added to the pile of stuff to do when watching tv.

Because I like a crazy challenge I am also in the process of applying to do an MBA by distance education. At one point I had all my degrees, my transcripts and my high school records in a package but when I went looking I couldn’t find them. I can’t remember if I lost them in the flooding, or if I have just lost them. I have been waiting for a replacement academic transcript from my last uni, which I received last week. Now I just need to get a certified copy and I can finish my application.

So, I am starting to get organised for the year ahead. Now I just need to do something about the crazy heat (43.9C here yesterday) and find myself an intriguing sewing project.

Where does the time go


Cripes…I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last posted. This year is just speeding by. I haven’t actually been up to much. Working, of course. The odd bit of gardening when the weather permits. Mostly I have been curled up on the couch under a quilt, with the heater on, reading library books and knitting.

A while back I did finish quilting the quilt for my brother’s birthday, and I have been working on finishing another but it is slow going as I have done something to my neck and anymore than 15 minutes machine quilting at a time seems to make it worse.

The knitting is going well though. I am making all my odd left over balls of wool into scarves and hats. A good activity for the cold weather.

P1030814_0543 P1030816_0542



I meant to blog yesterday, but I did pretty much nothing all day. I was so lazy. I didn’t clean my house, or mow my lawn, or do any quilting. I didn’t ring my parents – which was really bad because it was mother’s day.

It was nice, except I spent too much money. The one thing I did do was go to the shops and buy DVDs. 

It was nice in a way to completely remove the pressure to do anything, but by about 2 o’clock in the afternoon I was going a little nuts. Sometimes I need to remind myself in the midst of all the 20 million things to do, that I am not a do nothing kind of person. The reason I have 20 million things to do is because I actually want to do things.

And… because it would be a pretty boring blog with out a picture, here is a photo of my knitting.

Another month gone…


I know February is only short, but it feels like the year is just flying by. There is so much I want to do and I’m nowhere near doing enough. I have really been struggling to get motivated, instead I have just been sitting on the couch reading trashy novels and watching TV. At least I have been getting some knitting done while I watch.

Hat I knitted, while avoiding doing stuff I really should be doing. At least I will have a warm head this winter 🙂

I suppose I am making some slow progress on most of my goals. I am up to 4000 words. I’ve been 7 places I’ve never been before. Blocks are very slowly getting made into things. And I’m finally doing something about the healthy eating thing. With a great deal of apprehension I have joined Weightwatchers online. Keeping track of all your food takes some getting used to, but I think it will at least give me a plan and a target. I am hoping that it if I do it for a couple of months it might become second nature to know whether I am eating balanced and healthy or not.

I guess I am just being my normal, impatient self. It will get done, and as always even if it doesn’t I will get more done than if I had never tried.

Now…I just need to decide whether I think I have enough time to mow my lawn before it starts raining again or whether I am going to spend the afternoon doing something else.

Place I've never been before no 7 was the Ipswich Plant expo. I picked up some more herbs for my herb garden, and some other plants.