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new fabric


I haven’t done any reading. Though I am starting to be surprised how much the reading I have done is starting to inform my thinking. I am starting to see the world less as a fixed thing and more a project of my own making, to see perspective as everything. For example I got new fabric yesterday, and I was actually excited as I was making the blocks. Thinking up new ideas for quilts, ways I could lay them out etc. I haven’t done that for a while. I would have been making exactly the same blocks with the old fabric, the only difference is perspective. It seems more different than it should for such a small change. Possibly it is because I actually like these fabrics more than the ones I have been using, though there is more yellow than I would usually put in a quilt it actually goes really well with the blue and the pink. The thing is I wouldn’t have thought about it before just gone with the flow, and it gives me some scope to understand how I can make the next lot of blocks I have to make a lot more fun.