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What was I meant to be doing again?


For some reason this year I seem to have completely lost the goal-accomplishing plot. I stopped for a moment during the week to think about whether I was on track and realised I had completely forgotten what my goals were. I suppose it had to happen at some point.

At least I am sewing again. I managed to get two quilts finished in the last couple of weeks (photos below). Plus I have a couple of days off work this week which I can use to regroup, refocus and get moving again. And…there is still more than half of the year left. Plenty of time to get things finished.

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All or nothing, or somewhere in between


I have been struggling the last month or so to get back into the swing of the things, and I think part of the problem was that my goals were looking increasingly unattainable. It’s an all or nothing kind of thinking that I often have problems with. Because I can’t do something perfectly, I won’t do it at all. Because I won’t be able to get it all done I don’t even do a little bit.

So this week I started to think in terms of what could I do by the end of the year. I gave myself permission to switch the goal posts. I’m not going to be able to lose 20 kilos by the end of the year, but I can aim for 6. I’m probably not going to finish the novel, but I can aim to have it be twice the size it is now. I may not have all my blocks as finished items but I can at least have them at the top stage.

Is it a cop-out? Maybe. But I think at the end of the day it’s about making progress, and by setting goals that are achievable I have actually been able to get moving again.

Old Places


I have been saying for ages that I really must get out and do something with my camera before I go on holidays. There is no point in taking the digital SLR and multiple lenses with me if I am so rusty that I take atrocious pictures. But like many things I keep putting it off. So this morning I set off for an old place, an old favourite. The Mt Coot-tha botanic Gardens. I know that if I go there with camera in hand I am bound to find inspiration. Which I did. There is always something in bloom, no matter what the time of year. Today it was camelias and banksias. I love a good banksia. I’d love to have some in my garden, but most of them don’t do well on clay soil. They’re hard to photograph though. Mostly because they are so untidy. The bits going everywhere create problems with depth of field, and focusing.

I stopped off on the way home and went to the movies. So thinking that I hadn’t gone somewhere new this week, I decided to go to gold class. Which I have never done before.  So I managed an old place and a new place in one day. I don’t know that it was worth the extra money though. It was nice, but I don’t know that it was $39 worth of nice. Not to mention the amount I spent on food.

Other goals are going well.

I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing, but I have got a lot of hand quilting done on the quilt I think I am going to take to England.

I have actually been writing again. I was struggling because I had run out of ideas about what happens next. I decided that I would read over what I had done and add more detail. I have been finding plenty of places where more was needed, so that should keep me out of mischief for a while until I can decide where to go with it.

I lost a kilo and a 1/2 this week. Though one of those kilos is probably the one I put on last week. But all up pretty good considering I have only really been trying since Wednesday. Most of it I put down to exercise. I have these hideous trees with bright orange berries and my neighbour was complaining because they attract bats into the garden, which are pooping in her water tank. So I had a fairly severe tree chopping session yesterday and today and chopped off all the branches with berries that are along the fence line. I didn’t really mind doing it because I want to take those trees out eventually anyway (they are hideous and sprout up little seedlings everywhere). However, my back garden is now full of chopped off branches which I need to find some way to get rid of and when I was finished today I found these tiny bird eggs on the ground. There must have been a nest in the tree which I didn’t notice. So, now I am feeling ever so slightly like a bird murderer.

Sorry, that ended up kind of long. Will finish up with some pictures of the gardens.

What makes a place?


I am feeling the need to do a bit of philosophising today. Mostly because yesterday I went to the handmade expo. I was thinking I’ve never been to a handmade expo before so I can count it on my list of “Places I’ve never been before”. Then, as I was wondering round, I started thinking – this is exactly the same place they held the garden expo. So does it really count as going somewhere I’ve never been before? Which got me thinking about the nature of place and whether an event could be a place. I’m still tossing up about this, but a part of me is inclined to say they were different places. If I told you I had been to the Bundamba Turf Club (the venue) twice this year it would be true, but it wouldn’t be the whole truth, it wouldn’t be the same as saying I went to the garden expo and the handmade expo.

In the end I decided to count it, not because I had resolved the what is a place question, but because I thought it met the spirit of my challenge. The aim was to get me out more, and it did. It also had the added benefit of this…


It’s a cake pop. A round bit of cake covered in some kind of icing and then put on a stick. It was actually really good cake too. Nice and moist.

So progress…

Places I’ve never been before – 12

BMI – no change, cake pop being the least of my worries from the last week, but I am resolved to start the new week freshly motivated.

Novel: 8635 words. I have a suspicion that it might be going backwards, mostly because I decided to change the point of view and so I am going through what I have written and changing it, which has meant taking some bits out that no longer made sense. But I have some good ideas for what happens next based on the new point of view.

Quilt blocks : yes, I have actually made something. I have come to the conclusion that barring miracles there is no way that I was actually going to get the big quilt hand quilted by August in time for the birthday party, so I decided I needed to make some new quilt tops and pick one to machine quilt.

So here is my first effort. It’s actually bigger than it looks because each of the blocks is 20 inches.

Now I just need to get through my current malaise (which I suspect might be caffeine withdrawal) and make a couple more.

Another month gone…


I know February is only short, but it feels like the year is just flying by. There is so much I want to do and I’m nowhere near doing enough. I have really been struggling to get motivated, instead I have just been sitting on the couch reading trashy novels and watching TV. At least I have been getting some knitting done while I watch.

Hat I knitted, while avoiding doing stuff I really should be doing. At least I will have a warm head this winter 🙂

I suppose I am making some slow progress on most of my goals. I am up to 4000 words. I’ve been 7 places I’ve never been before. Blocks are very slowly getting made into things. And I’m finally doing something about the healthy eating thing. With a great deal of apprehension I have joined Weightwatchers online. Keeping track of all your food takes some getting used to, but I think it will at least give me a plan and a target. I am hoping that it if I do it for a couple of months it might become second nature to know whether I am eating balanced and healthy or not.

I guess I am just being my normal, impatient self. It will get done, and as always even if it doesn’t I will get more done than if I had never tried.

Now…I just need to decide whether I think I have enough time to mow my lawn before it starts raining again or whether I am going to spend the afternoon doing something else.

Place I've never been before no 7 was the Ipswich Plant expo. I picked up some more herbs for my herb garden, and some other plants.