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Reading nook


I always think I should read more, and I’ve realised that part of the reason I don’t is that I don’t have a really good reading spot. If I sit on the couch in the lounge, its way too tempting to put the TV on. That just leaves reading in bed, and that’s fine but I tend to give into the temptation to nap. Since I have been feeling inspired to do some home renovation stuff of late, I decided to convert part of my sewing space into a reading nook.

The plan is that when I have a bit of spare cash, I’ll buy a recliner. For now I’ll get by with a bean bag and a pile of comfy cushions. Now I just need to decide what to read first.


Not a lot going on


Well actually a fair bit has been going on, but it is all the kind of mundane stuff that would make for a fairly tedious blog. My house has been tidied, my cupboards filled with food (I even have vegetables), the lawn has been mowed, gardens have been weeded and a new Grevillea Moonlight has been planted to replace the front bit of fence which I knocked down last week after backing my car into it for the fifth time.

All is well, except for the fact that I think something has died in my bedroom wall and is now stinking up the place. I have whacked a load of air freshener in there. So now my bedroom smells like something died in a lavender patch. I am hoping it is something small like a gecko which will decompose fast and stop smelling fairly quickly and I don’t have to do anything ridiculous like ripping out asbestos laden walls to find it.

I did have a spurt of energy yesterday and I started pinning a few smaller pieces of patchwork ready for quilting, but I got distracted by a book. I have been reading “Three Crooked Kings” by Matthew Condon and it was surprisingly more interesting that I thought it would be. It is basically about police corruption in Queensland from the 1940s to the 1970s. Having only come to Queensland as an adult I don’t actually know a lot about local history and the book puts in place a context for a lot of things that people regularly refer to like the Fitzgerald Inquiry. It seemed to be making a case that one of the cops who later went to jail for corruption probably wasn’t as bad as he was made out to be. Though saying that he was only a little bit corrupt, and not as bad as the other guys, is probably not much of an excuse. But I don’t really know enough about what he went to jail for to properly judge. It was basically a scene setter rather than a piece of investigative journalism, no smoking guns, but a nice summary of what everyone probably already knows and it managed to sustain a nice pace that kept you interested and reading through to the end.