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Old Places


I have been saying for ages that I really must get out and do something with my camera before I go on holidays. There is no point in taking the digital SLR and multiple lenses with me if I am so rusty that I take atrocious pictures. But like many things I keep putting it off. So this morning I set off for an old place, an old favourite. The Mt Coot-tha botanic Gardens. I know that if I go there with camera in hand I am bound to find inspiration. Which I did. There is always something in bloom, no matter what the time of year. Today it was camelias and banksias. I love a good banksia. I’d love to have some in my garden, but most of them don’t do well on clay soil. They’re hard to photograph though. Mostly because they are so untidy. The bits going everywhere create problems with depth of field, and focusing.

I stopped off on the way home and went to the movies. So thinking that I hadn’t gone somewhere new this week, I decided to go to gold class. Which I have never done before.  So I managed an old place and a new place in one day. I don’t know that it was worth the extra money though. It was nice, but I don’t know that it was $39 worth of nice. Not to mention the amount I spent on food.

Other goals are going well.

I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing, but I have got a lot of hand quilting done on the quilt I think I am going to take to England.

I have actually been writing again. I was struggling because I had run out of ideas about what happens next. I decided that I would read over what I had done and add more detail. I have been finding plenty of places where more was needed, so that should keep me out of mischief for a while until I can decide where to go with it.

I lost a kilo and a 1/2 this week. Though one of those kilos is probably the one I put on last week. But all up pretty good considering I have only really been trying since Wednesday. Most of it I put down to exercise. I have these hideous trees with bright orange berries and my neighbour was complaining because they attract bats into the garden, which are pooping in her water tank. So I had a fairly severe tree chopping session yesterday and today and chopped off all the branches with berries that are along the fence line. I didn’t really mind doing it because I want to take those trees out eventually anyway (they are hideous and sprout up little seedlings everywhere). However, my back garden is now full of chopped off branches which I need to find some way to get rid of and when I was finished today I found these tiny bird eggs on the ground. There must have been a nest in the tree which I didn’t notice. So, now I am feeling ever so slightly like a bird murderer.

Sorry, that ended up kind of long. Will finish up with some pictures of the gardens.

-97 points


I have had some reasons recently, which I won’t go into, to contemplate the topic of self-delusion. It made me think a little more than usual about how honest I am with myself. One glaringly obvious example of denial is the fact that over the last couple of weeks I have gotten into the rather bad habit of skipping days where I track my points, particularly on those days where I know I am way over. Which is kind of crazy especially when you consider that I am paying Weight Watchers for the use of the tracker, though probably no crazier than the thousand of gym memberships people have and never use. So this week I set myself the task of actually recording everything, no matter how bad it was, and it was bad (there was a work dinner and flurry of morning teas). I ended up with -97 points. Which is fairly atrocious, and not surprisingly I put on a kilo. And I actually think that being honest helps. Seeing those negative points add up has over the last couple of days caused me to be a lot more restrained, and I think will help going forward.

In other news – 

  • the sewing machine is back from the repair person, with a new tension unit,  and is sewing beautiful. I managed to finish two quilt tops today.
  • Thanks to the work dinner, and a walk this morning where I stopped in at a strange newsagent I am now up to 20 places I haven’t been before.
  • The writing – not so good, but I have run out of free turns of plants vs zombies so perhaps my run on procrastination will come to an end.


Stir Crazy


I managed two hours of gardening yesterday morning and have been inside the house ever since. Am starting to go a little stir crazy. I had planned a bush walk, but the grey skies put me off. On the plus side the weather also deterred me from my rather insane plan to wash my curtains this weekend.

The sad thing is that it hasn’t really been raining. Okay it rained a fair bit yesterday but today it has just been the odd shower and the rest of the time it just looked like it was going to rain at any minute. I should just have gone for a walk and taken the risk of getting rained on.

I am starting to feel like I’m not doing anything even though I am.

My BMI is down by .7 and my novel is very slowly getting written (up to 5800 words).

I don’t have any new places on my list but I have been slowly paying off my trip in August, and today I booked my tickets to the Birmingham quilt fair (http://www.twistedthread.com/pages/exhibitions/viewExhibition.aspx?id=38&view=overview). Hopefully I will get into the classes that I want to get into. It’s starting to feel like I am actually going on holiday.

While I don’t have any new quilt tops I have pinned and started hand quilting the big quilt I finished a couple of weeks back. This is the one that I want to take with me in August as the 60th birthday present. I had better get cracking as it is so huge. At the moment I feel like it is going to take me forever. I think that is one of the reasons I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. I only have a tiny little corner worth of hand quilting done; and because I usually watch TV when I am hand quilting it feels like I have been wasting time, when I haven’t really. Maybe I need to swap the TV for some e-books or some educational podcasts so I don’t feel so mentally under stimulated while I am doing it.

Quilt in the process of being quilted






Words written – 2617 – trying not to worry whether they are any good or not.

BMI – No change. Have decided that I need to make more of an effort on this one. As always when you have given yourself a year to do something it’s always tempting to leave everything to the last-minute. To think that you’ll deal with it later after you’ve dealt with the myriad of small things that you have to deal with everyday. Some things you can do in a hurry, for example I could probably write all 50,000 words in the last 3 months if I wanted to, I’d have no life but it would be possible. I don’t think losing weight is one of those things. At least it wouldn’t be possible to do it and still be healthy. I think what I need to do is set myself some smaller, short-term goals. So I have set my self a 5 week, 5 kilo challenge. I am going to up the exercise to half an hour of gardening everyday after work and all my sweet stuff has been packed away in the freezer for emergencies only. And to make it interesting there is a prize at the end. If I do it I get to buy a Wii or a netbook. Probably a netbook . I thought the Wii might help with exercise but I imagine it will probably end up never getting used like the exercise DVDs I have. I know I am supposed to be saving money for my trip but I figure you have to celebrate small victories if you have them. 

Things made from blocks – slow progress being made towards a quilt top, plus some fabric I ordered arrived yesterday so I can finish the quilt top that one was meant for. 

Places I have never been before – 6

This morning I went to the Ipswich Sunday market. It’s quite a nice market, quite large, with a good mix of brick-a-brack, veggies and plants. There was a really nice soap stall. So I ended up buying soap and herbs and a really nice bowl. Then because I decided that I need to make a herb garden for my herbs to go in I ended up going to Bunnings afterwards and ended up spending far too much money on stuff I needed to make it, and a lemon tree to plant in a pot in the middle of it. (I know, I know – I’m meant to be saving for my holiday – life would be so much easier if I had any kind of impulse control).

I am off to try to get some sewing done before the sewing room gets too hot.

Ipswich Sunday Markets