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I am meant to be studying for an online test which I have to do by the end of tomorrow. It’s just multiple choice but they cram so many questions into such a short time that you actually have to know your stuff, no time to think about it or reach for the text book to double check. Of course that means I am doing anything but studying. The annoying thing is that I never used to be a procrastinator. I was always the finish early, do the worst tasks first so you can get on to the stuff you enjoy person. I guess as we move through life we change, and, unless we are proactive about developing our characters, not always in ways we like.

On a positive note, I am making good progress on my stash of ufos. Finished quilting this one…

P1030902 (768x1024) P1030903 (768x1024)

…and pinned another one yesterday.

Now… I am just going to go peg my washing out. Then I’ll start studying. I promise.



I really enjoyed the weather over the last couple of weeks. Just the right temperate, warm but not sweltering. Now? Now I am sitting here with three layers of clothes on my top half and my bottom half wrapped in a quilt and I think I need to go and get my fingerless gloves from the winter clothes cupboard. It is freezing. My house doesn’t really heat up til after lunch on those cold days, so maybe it will get a bit better this afternoon.

On the upside…I am powering through things. My first uni assignment is finished and submitted and I have started on my second one. The garden is reasonably well gardened. The laundry is almost done and a bit of sewing has been done. I still have a stack of uni work to get through but nothing urgent, so I think I can pretty much relax for the afternoon – do a little bit more study then get started on quilting my next mini quilt.

This is the mini quilt. It didn’t turn out too badly. Not all the vertical bars line up but I think it is busy enough that you can not notice. One thing I am going to have to think about if I keep up the foundation piecing is what to do with the seams. They get very bulky as they are usually all pressed the one way. I might have to see if I can press them open.

001 (768x1024)

The other thing I am working on is these 6 inch hexagons. I am loving it because the quilt is growing really fast even though I am only adding one or two at a time.

002 (1024x768)

Happy Easter everyone


Happy Easter to you all. May you all be celebrating in the way that suits you best. I have enough chocolate to last for weeks, so am happy to hibernate for the rest of the time off that I have.

I did get round to finishing a mini quilt as mentioned in my last blog. It turned out quite well and is only about the size of an A4 piece of paper. I have started another one that is more complicated, so slower going. I figure that’s ok. It keeps me sane in between stints of doing my accounting homework.

003 (768x1024)

I also found some time to dye some fabric, which didn’t turn out quite like I hoped. The idea was to have 8 shades of each colour. When I went to rinse I realised they were pretty much all the same. The amount of dye I put in what should have been the lightest one was enough to do a full saturated colour. So I wasted an awful lot of dye. Should read the instruction first next time.

Anyway, I was rinsing and rinsing to get the excess dye out and getting nowhere as there was so much of it, when I had a brain wave. I’d just stick it all in the washing machine. The already dyed bits wouldn’t affect each other as they were already so saturated no extra dye would stick and if I put in some more white fabric all the excess dye would stick to that. Worked like a charm though, as in all things dye related, not at all like I expected. I imagined with red and blue in the mix I would get a piece of purple fabric, but no, I ended up with a lovely light blue. It’s actually a perfect shade to go with all my other colours, so I am mildly pleased.

001 (1024x768)


I’m officially a student


It’s official. I am going to be a student in 2014. At least part-time anyway. I have all my enrolment details. Now I have the joy of figuring out the uni’s online system for enrolling in subjects and providing information.

As for everything else, there isn’t a lot going on.

Work is a pain, but then it always is.

I haven’t been doing as much sewing as I would like. When I was tidying up my sewing room a couple of weeks ago I pulled out an old cross stitch to finish and I have been working on that while watching tv in the evenings. I’m starting to realise why I stopped doing cross stitch. Of course it gets finished eventually, but I sew for what feels like ages and when I look at what I have done I have only covered a small amount of canvas.

I’ve been trying to get motivated to make some bags this weekend, but am not really feeling it. Having said that it is only 8am on the Saturday of a long weekend, I might get some steam up yet.



I had doing a blog post on my to do list today, so I am making myself do one; even though I would be much rather sitting on the couch with the air-conditioner on, reading my library books. I figure I need to remake the habit of regular posting. Which means I am actually going to have to go do some stuff worth posting about. I’m not sure how likely that is, I sewed myself out pretty much at the end of last year, making lots of last-minute Christmas bags. Now all my sewing stuff is packed away in the sewing room, except for the TV hexagons, some knitting and a cross stitch kit. I found the cross stitch when tidying all the other stuff away and thought I really must finish that, so It has been added to the pile of stuff to do when watching tv.

Because I like a crazy challenge I am also in the process of applying to do an MBA by distance education. At one point I had all my degrees, my transcripts and my high school records in a package but when I went looking I couldn’t find them. I can’t remember if I lost them in the flooding, or if I have just lost them. I have been waiting for a replacement academic transcript from my last uni, which I received last week. Now I just need to get a certified copy and I can finish my application.

So, I am starting to get organised for the year ahead. Now I just need to do something about the crazy heat (43.9C here yesterday) and find myself an intriguing sewing project.



It’s 11.30 am and its hot. The kind of sticky hot that makes you instantly sweaty the minute you step out of a cold shower. For some reason, possibly the size of my last power bill, I have made a rule about not having the air conditioner on before lunch. I’m starting to think it might be a stupid rule, then again maybe I just need to toughen up a little. Give myself a chance to acclimatise. The problem is I sit in an air-conditioned office for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I never get a chance to get used to the heat.

I have been waking up too early all week too. What can I say, I’m in Queensland – we don’t have daylight savings. I have been trying to put the time to some productive use, getting started on another advent calendar and some christmas stockings in the time between when I wake up and when I need to get ready for work. Which is why my lounge room looks like this.

001 (480x640)

I’m working on the assumption that if I leave it like that it will inspire me to finish what I started.

The best laid plans…


I swore last time I posted that I would be a more diligent blogger; but once again weeks seem to have past and I haven’t written a thing and my list of things to do before Christmas has accumalted almost no ticks against it.

I did go to the Craft Fair at the convention centre yesterday but came away very uninspired. There wasn’t a lot that was new. I know this sounds strange but I actually think they have done something to the lighting in there. I was sitting in the eating area looking out over the stalls and thinking that everything looked very grey and drab. Maybe it is just me. Maybe I have just been to so many now that the novelty is starting to wear off.


I  have almost managed to get back into sewing though – just. After weeks of doing 15 minutes at a time, I managed to finish an advent calendar for my Grandma this afternoon.

001 (640x480)

I did machine on the binding, so it feels a bit like I cheated somehow. Not sure why. While the quilt police might be shuddering I think it looks ok.