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It’s 11.30 am and its hot. The kind of sticky hot that makes you instantly sweaty the minute you step out of a cold shower. For some reason, possibly the size of my last power bill, I have made a rule about not having the air conditioner on before lunch. I’m starting to think it might be a stupid rule, then again maybe I just need to toughen up a little. Give myself a chance to acclimatise. The problem is I sit in an air-conditioned office for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I never get a chance to get used to the heat.

I have been waking up too early all week too. What can I say, I’m in Queensland – we don’t have daylight savings. I have been trying to put the time to some productive use, getting started on another advent calendar and some christmas stockings in the time between when I wake up and when I need to get ready for work. Which is why my lounge room looks like this.

001 (480x640)

I’m working on the assumption that if I leave it like that it will inspire me to finish what I started.



I was trying to order my regular box of vegetables, but Coles have rearranged their online shop and I couldn’t find it. After a bit of looking I got fed up and decided to order the box I had found that was fruit and vegetables. I figure it probably wouldn’t hurt me to eat more fruit right?

The box arrived this morning with rather alot of fruit and not a very lot of vegetables, and it was at that point I remembered that I don’t eat alot of fruit because I don’t really like it, and if I eat it raw it tends to give me acid reflux. Not a problem I decide – I can just cook various things with the fruit. The grapes can be frozen. The apples and pears can be baked into a pie. The strawberries will hopefully last long enough to form part of a supper I have to cater for next week. I’ve got an interesting looking recipe for banana cake for the bananas.

Oranges and mandarins? After scouring my recipe books I couldn’t find anything interesting looking, but I did come across a pineapple upside-down cake recipe which I have used before and decided to substitute mandarins for pineapples and orange juice for pineapple juice. It didn’t turn out too bad. Now, does anyone have any good recipes for kiwifruit?

002 (640x480)