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Finished temporality


I have finally finished the issue of temporality. That’s all I have to say on the topic really. It is cold, so I am going to go find myself a jumper, and have some dinner. I was at work far too late this evening.


29 June 2011


This is just a quick post as there is not a lot happening here. Some reading done on the train, and unfortunately only one block. The ones I am doing hand sewing at the moment are slightly bigger and more complicated so I am only getting one finished a night. I should probably try to spend one evening a week sewing on the machine, but there’s TV that needs watching ūüôā

384 Three Colour Double Nine Patch

28 June 2011


Still plodding away on the topic of temporality. It is not really inspiring me to any grand ideas at the moment, so I apologise for the general lack of philosophising of late. The next chapter which I reach in approximately 10 pages is on transcendence, I am not sure whether to be intrigued or to go cower in a corner.

Monday 27 June


I am starting to feel like I am running out of steam, but that could just be tiredness talking. I could barely keep my eyes open on the train on the way home. I think it is just that I have been trying to cut back on the sugar a little and am having some withdrawal symptoms, that and I think I have a cold again.

I did do some reading this morning. Still on the topic of reflection and whether it can be knowledge. Sartre’s take on it seems to be that it can, but it is a limited kind of knowledge. That it can only be about the for-itself/consciousness. However, he does think that it can be accurate knowledge of consciousness. The problem might be that consciousness is wrong i.e. we have a faulty memory, we see or hear wrong,¬†we are interpreting other people’s¬†behaviour¬†wrongly. So¬†a garbage in, garbage out scenario really.

I also have blocks.

Reading again


I finally got over my mental block, and did some reading today. How much¬†actually sunk in, I don’t know. Though just before I finished for the day it started talking about reflection again, and I found that a little easier going than the stuff about how a for-itself gets to be an in-itself in the past and a new for-itself takes its place.

The down side to the reading is that I didn’t get as much sewing done as I would have liked. Never mind. I will do some hand sewing this evening and hopefully that will knock over another couple of blocks.


Another Saturday


Another Saturday, and I spent almost half of it untangling wool. In the end I ended up cutting out the knotty bit in the middle and tying the ends back together. I probably spent more time untangling than it will take me to knit the vest the wool is for. I could have saved myself a lot of time if I’d wound it up properly as soon as I got it. Lesson learnt, I guess.

Other than untangling, I have been very slack the last couple of days. I have been getting some sewing done, but no reading.

Tangled wool


It’s probably just me being a little weird, but I find untangling wool somewhat hypnotic.¬†I start untangling¬†and before I know it half an hour has passed. I was almost late for work this morning.

The problem is with a kit I¬†bought at the textile fair a few weeks back. It was for a very cute little baby vest and matching hat. I have a work friend about to have a baby and thought it would make an ideal baby shower present. It was one of those loosely woven skeins instead of a wound ball, and I only knitted about 4 rows before it was so badly tangled up I couldn’t knit anymore. So now I have to untangle it and wind it into a ball. I reckon I must have spent at least 2 hours so far just on untangling. Like I said yesterday, I get distracted.

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