Monthly Archives: October 2016



Ok, so I am just getting to the stage when I want to start doing things and I had a whole big long list for this week. Then…I had to retire injured after stabbing my self in the foot on a loose piece of floorboard. I had a sliver go in so deep I couldn’t get it out myself and had to go to the doctors this morning and have it extracted. Hopefully, she got it all out and all is well from here on, but my foot is still sore and for the next day or so I will be limited to what I can manage from the couch, or hopping around the house.

Thankfully, I went to the library yesterday so I have plenty of books to read, knitting to hand and obviously can type, so doing some writing would probably be a really good use of my time. Also, our local supermarket has a pretty good grocery delivery service so I won’t starve.

Other than that just frustrated at not being able to go and do what I wanted to do and feeling like a bit of a klutz. Though I was slightly mollified by the fact that ‘extract foreign object’ is actually a tick box on the form the doctor fills in about my visit. Obviously it’s not just me.

On a more positive note, I did manage to get this little guy finished earlier in the week. Who doesn’t need a ninja stuffed toy.


Reality vs Perception


Its one of those weeks where I feel like I haven’t done much, when in reality I have done a fair few things. Reality doesn’t quite match perception. However, I have still spent a fair amount of time doing not much. I feel like I am improving though as psychologically I am starting to feel like I want to be doing things, compared to the first couple of weeks off work when I would have been quite happy to sit on the couch and do nothing except watch daytime television.

The thing I am finding interesting is that sometimes, the less you do the less you want to do. The more you do, the more energy you seem to get for doing more things.

So, after months of having it sitting in the corner this week I finally replaced the hinge on the door of the kitchen cupboard. I have been doing a little drawing, a little writing and a little sewing. And…the big project, even though it was much less fiddly than the cupboard door, was a screen for my bins. Which I am quite proud of for some reason.

Now I just need to figure out what I want my big projects for next week to be.



time and expectations


The first week of my 3 month long holiday is almost over and I am not sure how I feel right now. I have done a few things, more things last week that I had thought I would do. No where near as much as my conscious was screaming at me to do. I am working to shut down the voice that keeps repeating – it has been a whole week and you still haven’t finished mowing the lawn yet.

I have to confess that my time for the next 3 months is not terribly well planned. I had a whole bundle of things that I thought I might like to do, but lack of planning and more critically lack of cash flow is limiting my options somewhat. Surprisingly, I am not too bothered about that. Even if I don’t travel I will find plenty to do. Was drawing up plans this morning to make a small fence to screen off my wheelie bins, and watching youtube videos on how to install hinges on kitchen cabinets so I can put the door back on my kitchen cupboard. A trip to the hardware store next week should be relatively inexpensive and net me enough goodies to keep me out of mischief for a few days at least, and that doesn’t even factor in the contents of my sewing cupboard and my bookshelf.

And…I have had a good time this week even if it wasn’t what I expected. I read a couple of good books, went to the quilt and craft show, spent some time with some friends. All of it good stuff.